The beauty and joy of Kindermusik Village is the utter amazement and admiration parents (and grandparents) show when given the space, the time, and encouragement to really stop and watch their babies.

Some are tiny ones like Chloe who is figuring out every last sound, movement, emotion, color, texture, taste, and smell of everything around them, but who mostly has eyes for the one in the room who loves her the more than anyone else.

Some are older, wiser children like Nolan who, at 17 months,  understands a lifetime and a universe more. Nolan plays cooperatively with his mom, tapping bells and then looking to see if she will copy him in their game of follow the leader.  He sees the class in sections – this song, then this game, then this cuddle, then this dance.

And there are the children in the middle, like Henry, who is social and watching, stretching and playing, and enjoying the class experience as one big happening, exhausted by the end, with full on action: moving, listening, playing, and learning.   

In every Village class, each parent or caregiver has the opportunity to take some time and really study where their baby is: Sensing and reaching out, watching and starting to put more complex ideas together, or engaging fully on different levels. Every moment there is something to celebrate, something to remember, and something to look forward to.

We look forward to seeing more babies in our Kindermusik class. We are out to make the world a better, more caring, connected, and beautiful place for all babies and their families.

Join us!  Mondays at 5:00,  Fridays at 10:30, or Saturdays at 10:00.

Use the links at the right to register or contact Helen ( for more information.

— Helen Peterson, Director, Kindermusik of the Valley

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