As Kindermusik educators here at Kindermusik of the Valley, it is such a gift to be with you and your child each week in Kindermusik class. We know you have many options for how you spend your time and it is such a great honor for us when you choose Kindermusik out of all that is available. Of course, when you attend Kindermusik class, you are getting a curriculum based on the best research available on young children’s learning and development. But beyond that, we thought it would be fun to “count the ways” we hope you experience our love and commitment to your family each and every week.

We love connecting to all the families in our classes, getting to know each and every adult and child. We love knowing all the details, small and large, of your family like how little Sarah loves shakers in any form, that Peter is teething and having trouble sleeping, that one family in the class has just moved into town, and Grandma Isabelle is starting a watercolor class. We also love connecting our families to one another. We love having you share stories with one another, check with other peoples’ experience about a troubling moment, and get advice for the best place to find bargains on baby clothes! We start each class with Gathering Time to provide an opportunity for everyone to check in and chat. Our goal is to create strong community in each class so everybody knows they belong and feels comfortable participating in whatever way is most helpful for them. We also know how important support is from others who share our concerns and questions. The connection continues as the children get to learn and practice social skills with other children and grownups in a safe, friendly — and musical! — environment.


It is so important to us that you be able to take home all the fun from class! We know that as an already excellent parent, you are your child’s first and best teacher and we want to support you in any way we can. We also want to make it easy to include Kindermusik in your regular daily routine. The CD of music for each class, the literature  books, and instruments in the home materials are essential and are just the first steps in helping you include Kindermusik at home. Each class includes an activity book as well as a link to so you can download even more wonderful ideas and music. In addition, each week your educator provides insights for why we’re doing what we do in class and ways you can extend those activities at home.

In each class, we love to share our expertise to give you insight into your child’s miraculous learning and development.  We can help illuminate all the steps — both obvious and subtle — your child is taking even as they play or explore or discover throughout each activity. We also help each family understand their child’s unique and wonderful style because there are so many ways to experience and participate in a Kindermusik class. We want each parent and each child to be comfortable with their own ways of being part of our class.

Dear to our heart is how important it is to us that Kindermusik class be a time for each grownup have plenty of time to bond and play with their child. We live in such a busy world and these tender moments are so important to a growing child’s healthy development. The flexibility and creativity of Kindermusik classes allows plenty of time for that cozy, face-to-face time that goes into making the memories of a lifetime. Because we treasure that time, we create an atmosphere of comfort and safety where those spontaneous moments can naturally arise.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for all of us to tell those who are important to us that we appreciate and love them. We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how important you are to us, how grateful we are to spend time with you each week, and how we love creating a Kindermusik class that reflects our love and commitment.

We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day filled with the love of family and friends!

Our special Valentine’s Day playdate “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” is on Tuesday, February 14 at 9:30. FREE for enrolled families – only $5.00 for friends! Everyone is welcome! Please email Helen at to register.

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