Emily and Kingston

This is the kind of winter we think we remember, the kind people who live in the southern climbs think we always have, the kind that reminds us that Mother Nature really is the boss of us.

Congratulations!  We have made it to the other side, spring is in the air, the sun is shining warm and it is time to turn our attention from survival to the freshness of spring.

In case you are wondering it is the class for our youngest babies, Cuddle & Bounce, that had the best attendance through this long cold winter.  No matter the weather, when we were open, parents brought their babies to Kindermusik.  Why? Because it is something special. Its a place to gaze at your baby and learn to understand what they are telling you.  A place to watch your baby as they discover a new feeling, a new sound, a new taste, a new color.  A place to celebrate with other parents about the first successful tummy time, 4 hour stretch of sleep, a roll over, or the first clap and wave.  Listen to what Kingston’s mom has to say about her class experience:

“Cuddle & Bounce has been a weekly highlight for both my baby and me. As a new mom, I found support, rest and laughter in the Kindermusik classroom which has been such a treasure. The music is fun for both of us! The Cuddle & Bounce “Hello” song will calm my little guy outside of the classroom time and time again which has been a wonderful help to me. Plus, he loves the moving and dancing in class with his fellow babies! It’s such a special, sweet time that we get to enjoy together and that first year goes so fast! 
Cuddle & Bounce is a way to ensure that we are carving out a special time each week to relax, enjoy and love each other. And the classroom is bright, clean and comfortable and we LOVE Helen! I’ve learned a lot in Cuddle & Bounce and I know that it helps me to be a better parent to my son

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