MasonHi!  In an effort to be blogging more, because I like it, and we have a lot to share.  I am instituting WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY?  Each Wednesday look for a Blog Post with some new kind of research based developmental information.  We share so many benefits about music with you – but why are those things really important?  You will find out way each Wednesday right here so stay tuned!

Here is the first in the series.  What is the difference between Self Regulation and Self Control.  It is bigger than you think!

There is a profound difference between self-regulation and self-control. Self-control is about inhibiting strong impulses; self-regulation, reducing the frequency and intensity of strong impulses by managing stress-load and recovery. In fact, self-regulation is what makes self-control possible, or, in many cases, unnecessary. The reason lies deep inside the brain.

– Dr. Stuart Shanker

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