Kindermusik for 2s and 3s

New Musical Themes Every Month Enroll Anytime!
Encourages creativity and confidence!

Wiggle & Grow for All Ages

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Kindermusik Wiggle & Grow is designed for your special busy, curious, smart, musical child who is 24-36 months. You will LOVE sharing the joy of learning together through music!  Instrument play, dancing, creative movement, singing, story telling, and making friends all join together into a powerful learning experience for your child.   New musical themes, songs, and activities, every month!  We also SUPPORT you as your children’s best and most important teacher with plenty of information about child development and more to make great parenting easier!

Each 4 lesson unit with themes like: Family & Friends, Colors & Shapes on the Farm, Up in the Sky and Time for Lunch! – We introduce and celebrate what is all that your child is interested in TODAY!  Call us for more information or ENROLL HERE

Every month a new album of music downloads, ebook for online or download reading, media-rich activities, ideas for child and parent, videos with pertinent parent information, recipe, printable activities, and ideas for countless hours of parent/child engagement.   All of this to enjoy at home or on the go with your mobile device!  Click below to see how great this new home component is!