Some of our favorite stories about Kindermusik are the ones that parents tell us about how families enjoy Kindermusik at home. Some families enjoy playing the CDs or playlists in the car. They tell us the kids start singing and clapping along when the music is on and it makes car rides much easier!

The Kindermusik songs we learned in class helped our family when my son didn’t want to stop what he was doing to get his diaper changed or come to a meal. An unhappy little boy could be cheered up and eased into a new activity with his favorite songs. Sometimes we sang the actual words and sometimes we made up our own words just to fit the moment. Singing songs relieved some of the stress of moving from one activity to another.

One parent told us how she had sung her daughter’s favorite Kindermusik songs to her when she had to get stitches. It helped to ease a sad, scary situation. Kindermusik songs helped our family get through vaccinations!

On those really cold days of winter when it’s just too cold to go outside even if you bundle up, put on some music and instigate some dancing and movement to get those sillies out. Leftover containers and woodern spoons make some fine drums and scraps of fabric are fun to wave and twirl. Lead the singing and show your kids different ways of moving: tiptoe, hop, slide. If your house is too small for running safely, you can encourage BIG motions like marching with those knees lifted way up high or great, big stomps. CRAWLING can be a great energy release without jeopardizing the furniture!

If you hit an emotional wall or some resistance, trying slowing down and using a few minutes of quiet music to diffuse the situation. Sometimes some quiet face-to-face time and your voice singing is all that’s needed to turn around some sadness or frustration.

Check out for more songs for singing, listening, and playing!

New Kindermusik units are starting up January 30. If you’re not signed up already, consider coming to a free preview class to check out what all the fun is about!

– Merry Obrecht Sawdey is a parent and Kindermusik educator.

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