girlmalletNext week we start new units for each age group. This is always a grand time for us – learning or relearning songs, reviewing lessons and remembering the fun we’ve had with past classes, looking forward to new ones, opening boxes of home materials and feeling all excited as we picture the faces of the children when they receive their very own instruments!

If you haven’t registered yet, please consider registering for a class or joining us for a preview class. We love having people visit because there’s nothing like the experience of a Kindermusik class to see the fun and learning that goes on in every single class. Each class includes a variety of music, instrument play, poetry, and movement.  All the time we’re having fun and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, all that we do in class has been carefully researched and created to support and nourish your child’s learning and development in the best possible way. Your Kindermusik educator explains what is going on with the activities in each song so you know why we’re doing what we’re doing.

We know that each child and each adult learns and participates in their own way. We welcome and appreciate everybody’s unique contribution. From the child who participates with lots of movement and singing to the child who is quiet and observant, we know that each child is learning in their own lovely way.

Our hope is that Kindermusik class is a time for you and your child to just have fun and time together. Researchers are discovering that spending time with people who love them is a simple but important way of helping a child learn. Learning and emotions are closely tied together and a child who is with someone they love, relaxed and having fun is a child who is ready to learn.

You’ll receive lots of simple, fun ideas for ways you can bring Kindermusik home. The home materials include class music on CD or download, one or two books, and an age-appropriate instrument. We also share lots of resources for ideas to extend the activities we’ve done in class. Our goal is to make your already excellent parenting easier.

Kindermusik class is also a wonderful place to meet and connect with other parents. Parents and caregivers have time before class and after class to connect with one another, share notes and stories, and talk over ideas. We have known many parents who meet in a Village class with their babies and are there together at the last Young Child class celebrating graduation together, sparkling eyes filled with all the wonderful memories the families have shared together in those 7 years.

Use the links on the right to register for a class or sign up for a preview class. Use the “Contact Us” link to call or email with questions. We’d love to have you join us!

— Merry Obrecht Sawdey, Kindermusik educator, Kindermusik of the Valley

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