We asked parents what they like most about Kindermusik.  Here are a few of the things they said.


This class is one the of happiest learning experiences for my child. She remembers so much that she is taught in class, plus the instructors are excellent.

Music has a wonderful way of teaching children so many different areas of life. It allows them to get ‘in touch’ with feelings, muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, etc. My girls have loved everything about it. The teachers we have been blessed to have are truly committed to what they’re doing and teaching. It’s more than just a job to them. I wish all educators were as passionate about their job.

The Kindermusik program is AWESOME!!! Both of my kids really enjoy the classes and the teachers.

Kindermusik is a wonderful program that is fun, interesting, and educational for children and parents. My children have loved going to Kindermusik classes and I have enjoyed the fun time to play, sing and interact with them in such an encouraging and comfortable environment.

The flexibility of the teachers. A very upbeat atmosphere.

Building a love for music from babyhood is extremely important to me. I love the smiles and happy times we share together. And the Kindermusik experience gives us all that and more.

The fun is exponential. The class is great but what it opens the door to at home is even better.

Kindermusik has been such a wonderful activity and resource for our family. It’s been helpful and fun for our son as well as helpful and fun for us as parents. I’d enthusiastically recommend it to anyone with children.

Teachers. “I love my teacher” was a quote from my child last week.

Being a former teacher; I see more in Kindermusik than just music. As I’ve watched my girls, the program has provided them with a well rounded education. I get frequent glimpses of how their development is maturing and changing, because of kindermusik classes. Our family is very thankful for all the work that has gone into this program.

We are so happy with the developmentally appropriate curriculum, the professional, enthusiastic instruction, and the boundless amount of fun that we have every week! Highly recommended to all our friends.

I feel that Kindermusik is extremely valuable. It is quality time with my child, it stimulates my child’s imagination and learning, and helps me to be a better parent on a daily basis.

We love our teacher!  She connects beautifully with the children (and adults) in the class, and is extremely knowledgeable and talented.

Kindermusik has really made a difference in our children’s lives. They thoroughly enjoy playing, singing, and listening to musical instruments, which has improved their social and developmental skills. Mrs. Helen is a wonderful teacher with excellent interpersonal communication skills and seems like a natural, soothing, and caring instructor.

Kindermusik is developmentally appropriate for my children and offers enrichment for them. I think the arts are very important in their development. Kindermusik is the whole deal- music, literacy, and language development. It also is really fun for my children!!!

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