Research shows that listening and playing along with music is one of the few activities that fully engages both hemispheres of your child’s brain.  Add the fine motor coordination it takes to hold an instrument and tap in time with the music, and your child is working on the hand-eye coordination and finger strength that’s necessary to hold a pencil, tie a shoe, use scissors, and dribble a basketball later on.

Kindermusik TIPS…
> For your baby – Gently tap the steady beat on your baby’s hand, foot, or knee with an instrument.
> For your toddler – Invite your child to use the instrument to tap on his own toes, knees, or even a tummy!
> For your preschooler or big kid – Preschoolers and older kids can march around the house in a musical parade.

Thanks to Theresa Case, Friend, Kindermusik Educator and owner of Piano Central Studios in Greenville SC.  

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