In Kindermusik class, we talk about the difference between hearing and listening. Hearing is what our ears and brain do automatically – take in and process sound. Listening is an intentional choice to pay attention to the sounds we hear. Gordon Hempton has made listening his life’s work. In this podcast, he talks about his work recording sounds all over the world.

He has a suggestion for how to experience sound with your child. Walk with your child around your home, neighborhood, or community and simply listen. Be present with your child and see what they listen to and what registers for them either from their words or on their face. We are born hearing but listening is a skill we learn and develop. Even as adults, we can learn to listen with our children and encourage them teach us how to listen in new ways.

There are several tracks on the website that are shorter examples of the soundscapes he has recorded. You might enjoy taking a few minutes to relax and listen to these together.


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