Classes for every age and stage


Cuddle & BounceFor infants newborn through 1 year

Relax and put your infant at ease through loving songs, massage, and learn what your baby is thinking. You will find community with other parents of infants that will celebrate each milestone and listen to every wonder and worry.  No make up, hairspray or clean clothes required.  Learn more here

Sing&Play-RB (1)For Toddlers who are One and Two

Watch your little one as they gain independence, toddling around our soft & happy Kindermusik room.  You will share smiles, hugs, and giggles and actually see your baby having “aha” moments of understanding.  Sing all the way home where you can bring all the joy of class back to life at anytime! Learn more here

WiggleGrow_rainbowLogo For Children who are Two and Three

Is there anyone more energetic, funnier and sweet than your little one?  Come on in and experience the joy 2-year-old style! Everything is a delight when you are bouncing on the lap of someone who loves you, playing with instruments, dancing and soaking up all the encouraging glances, smiles, and words. You will wish you could come to Wiggle & Grow everyday! Learn more here


For Kids who are Three and Four

Wake up! It’s a Kindermusik day!!  What will your wildly imaginative child be today? A hero, a cat, a dancer, a pirate?  She loves to share her ideas about hopping like a frog around the pond… on top of a mountain… in the snow… with skates on… No matter what or where they are today, we have a song and a dance for that.  Learn more here

For Big Kids who are Four and Five

Your child is understanding there is more to music than just fun and games.  He is ready to feel the beat, look at the beat, follow the beat.  She can hear the nuances of dynamics, timbre, and mood in the music.  You will be amazed at the depth of understanding and musical knowledge your child will gain in Move & Groove – oh, and there are still a lot of fun and games too!  Learn more about Kindermusik for big kids here